I have been teaching at Australian universities since 2009. Starting off as a tutor at Griffith University in Brisbane, I have taught into twenty different courses across four universities. I have also convened thirteen different under-graduate and post-graduate courses. This includes very large introductory courses (300+ students), small post-grad courses (10-15 students), and mixed mode courses (including OUA & external). I have consistently received excellent evaluations for my teaching. My experience convening includes delivering:


Governance, Power and Public Policy

Politics and Policy: Theory and Applications

Contemporary Australian Politics: Race, Nation, Class and Gender

Parties, Elections and Campaigns

Introduction to Politics and Policy

Media and Politics

Introduction to Australian Politics

Rhetoric, Spin and the Media

Research Methods

Other courses I have provided a teaching contribution to include:

       Introduction to Politics

       Government Business Relations

       Comparative European Politics

       Mechanics of Power

       Australian Politics

       Research Methods

       Politics and the State

       US Foreign Policy

       Introduction to American Politics

More details about my teaching and service can be found in my CV.