I have provided expert commentary in approximately 400 media stories between 2019 and 2022. Some of which are listed below. I have also written numerous opinion pieces, contributed to public inquires and contributed to public debate through my research outputs. Some examples of this are below.

In the final report of the Senate inquiry into nationhood, national identity and democracy (Feb 2021), our submission was quoted extensively. For example:









During the 2022 Australian federal election, with a cross-disciplinary team at UQ, we created the UQ Election Data Dashboard. Showing the spend on Facebook ads by parties, candidates and other actors, we tracked the campaign contest at a level not shown in previous campaigns or in other projects in Australia. A screenshot of the homepage is below (please note: images may not appear on mobile version)

A selection of my commentary and opinion pieces are as follows

‘The Tally Room Podcast – Federal Election 2022 – 'Labor and the Greens’ 12 April 2022.

‘Scott Morrison might need some biblical intervention to move mountains on May 21’, UQ News, 11 April 2022.

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'The US Election: The Aftermath', webinar co-ordinated by the School of Political Science and International Studies, UQ, 10 November 2020. Available here: https://hass.uq.edu.au/US-Election-Aftermath 

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